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THE LONELY COTTAGE - Poem By Monica Raghavan

The Lonely Cottage

The little cottage once bustling with people

now stands in solitude in the green meadow.

The meadows that once echoed with the bleat of the sheep

And the call of the Shepheard resonates now with the rustle of the wind.

The lonely cottage stands alone in the field and

stares at the blue sky.

People are all huddled in their homes whether in a city or a lone village home.

The butterfly flutters without being chased by the little girl.

The little stray dog loiters on the street and waits to be fed by the old man who seems to be ailing.

The empty streets once swarming with people seems deserted like the lonely cottage.

Alas! The deadly virus has spared none but remember nothing can destroy the human spirit that is indomitable.

The invincible human spirit that fears none will eventually destroy the covid monster and humanity shall once again rise undefeated.

The lonely cottage will no longer stand in solitude in the field.

Little children will sprint across the streets and open fields to celebrate their freedom.

After all the darkest hour is just before the dawn. By Monica Raghavan


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