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Monica Raghavan is a versatile and accomplished creative coach, blogger, and certified life coach who has a passion for writing and storytelling. With years of experience as an English language instructor, she has been conducting workshops for adults and children to help them pursue their passion for writing. Her expertise in classroom management, lesson planning, and educational technology has made her a sought-after educator in the industry.


In addition to her experience in education, Monica has also worked as a copywriter in ad agencies and publishing houses. Her ability to communicate effectively has led her to conduct programs on All India Radio, and her work has been published in various blogs and magazines. Her book, A Leap Of Faith: An Accomplished Dream, is a testament to her dedication to helping people achieve their dreams. With a degree in M.A English and a post-graduate diploma course from IMT, Ghaziabad, Monica is a well-educated and knowledgeable individual who is always eager to learn more. Currently pursuing an M.A. in Psychology, she is committed to expanding her skill set and using her knowledge to help others live fulfilling lives.

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Creativity

Writing is often considered the ultimate method to change your creativity because it offers a unique opportunity to explore and express your ideas in a tangible and permanent form. When you write, you are forced to clarify your thoughts, develop your ideas, and organize them in a coherent manner. This process helps you to better understand and refine your creative vision, and can ultimately lead to new insights and perspectives. Writing also allows you to share your ideas with others, receive feedback, and collaborate with others, further fueling your creativity. By engaging in regular writing practice, you can develop your skills and expand your creative capacity, making it a valuable tool for personal growth and artistic expression.

Why Creative Coaching

Narrative & 

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Story & Poetry Writing

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Story & Poetry Writing

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