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The Power of the Human Mind

Embrace Your Strengths

My 15 year old son painted this character Goku from the Dragon Ball series. He didn't like his creation at all and thought it could have been a much better piece.

We often tend to underestimate our strengths and become self- critical. We need to focus on our positive aspects and strengths and recognize the areas that needs improvement.

Every experience becomes a part of our journey

Self realistic goals- set realistic goals and celebrate their achievements along the way. Encourage yourself and stay focussed on your own personal growth. It is important to enjoy the joy of creating whether it's an art, a presentation or even a speech rather than solely seeking external validation.

Being patient and persistent is the key

We need to train our minds to overcome self- doubt and negative self-talk. Continue to be patient and persistent. What matters is our work and the final output just like an artist who has the potential to touch and inspire others.

Points to ponder

  1. Every person is unique.

  2. Be open to new and old ideas.

  3. Setbacks are temporary and can be overcome.

  4. Try a new approach and navigate through them.

  5. Continue to grow as a creative individual.

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