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About The Founder

Monica Raghavan is a versatile and accomplished creative coach, blogger, and certified life coach who has a passion for writing and storytelling. With years of experience as an English language instructor, she has been conducting workshops for adults and children to help them pursue their passion for writing. Her expertise in classroom management, lesson planning, and educational technology has made her a sought-after educator in the industry.


In addition to her experience in education, Monica has also worked as a copywriter in ad agencies and publishing houses. Her ability to communicate effectively has led her to conduct programs on All India Radio, and her work has been published in various blogs and magazines. Her book, A Leap Of Faith: An Accomplished Dream, is a testament to her dedication to helping people achieve their dreams. With a degree in M.A English and a post-graduate diploma course from IMT, Ghaziabad, Monica is a well-educated and knowledgeable individual who is always eager to learn more. Currently pursuing an M.A. in Psychology, she is committed to expanding her skill set and using her knowledge to help others live fulfilling lives.

Work Experience

I started my career as a junior copywriter with well-known ad agencies and later enjoyed my stint at a publishing house where I got the opportunity to work with different embassies in New Delhi. I also got the opportunity to do programs on All India Radio during my college days at Delhi University. It was an enriching experience for me where I learned about the diplomatic relations of India with different countries. It gave me an insight into our country’s rich culture as well as other nations like Lebanon, Spain, Tehran, EU(European Union), and many other countries. Being married to an Air Force officer I had to switch careers since I could not stay in metro stations for long. A new chapter in my life unfolded when I began my teaching career at the Air Force School in Punjab and later moved to Delhi. After this, there was no looking back.

Being connected to young minds allowed me to interact with children of all age groups and I could understand the beauty of life from their perspective. Having taught different age groups and working with enthusiastic young minds I realized that human connections and interactions are the heart of education. It was great learning having taught in different schools and across all grades. As a language teacher, my love for literature was immense and there was a long-cherished dream of writing a book. Being a student of Psychology I always wanted to understand the power of the human mind and took another step ahead by becoming a certified coach. It’s important to feel empowered and create what you want to create thereby creating positive changes in all areas of your life. 

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About Creative Mente

Creative mente is a learning hub for children where they can freely express their thoughts, and feelings and give wings to their unique ideas. The power of creative writing helps us to explore our minds and think out of the box. Our thoughts and ideas are constantly evolving and we can always understand our emotions better by exploring them through various creative means of storytelling, poetry and understanding the different nuances of story writing. Writing helps us delve into our imagination and is truly a path to mental and emotional wellness.  

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