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Overcome creative blocks

We all have a creative mind but we underestimate our human potential and create mental blocks in the power storehouse of our mind. Here are some innovative ways to overcome creative blocks:

1)Take a break:

It's a great idea to step away from your project for a while till you are refreshed to come back with better ideas. Indulge yourself in activities that can refresh you such as going for a walk or pursuing a different hobbies, rest and get recharged.

2) Change your environment: 'A change in latitude changes the attitude .' A change of scenery can enhance your creativity. A change of location like working out of cafe, park or library with a new ambience will inspire new ideas.

3) Get inspired: Explore new sources of inspiration like reading a book, listening to music, exploring artwork or even attending performances in your creative field. We constantly need mental stimulation and by engaging in creativity it can spark new ideas and break through creative blocks.

4) Brainstorming or freewriting :

Write down every idea that comes to mind without being judgemental or self criticizing. Quantity holds more weight than quality here.

The idea is to appreciate yourself for every effort that you make. Be kind to yourself during creative blocks. Embrace yourself and avoid self- criticism. Remind yourself that failures and setbacks are important to grow in life. Overcoming adversity takes just the right blend of positivity, realism, passion and real-life skills. A creative coach can help you balance all this. A coach is trained to help people learn how to overcome adversity and become the best version of themselves.

Remember everyone experiences a creative block from time to time but by approaching them with patience, openness and a willingness to try new approaches, you can steer ahead of them and continue to evolve into your unique self.

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